Sloode Live Social allows real-time publishing of highlights on all social networks and websites while the event is still running

Publishing your audio/video content on blogs, websites and social networks takes a whole lot of time and work, while all you need is to publish your content in real-time during a live event.

What to do then?

Sloode Live Social allows real-time publishing of highlights on all social networks and websites while the event is still running.

Sloode Live Social also allows to stream the live event on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other websites at the same time.

Sloode Live Social is the platform for all people willing or in need to immediately share multimedia audio and video contents on the main Social Networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as an endless network of blogs and on demand or live streaming websites. 

Sloode Live Social also allows you to record live events and publish real time excerpts on social networks, your websites and blogs, as the recording goes on. This allows a direct and immediate contact with your social network audience, which can be opportunely informed of what is going on on TV.
Just think about the impact that may be generated by publishing something a few second after it’s been aired, thus capturing your potential audience’s attention. 

Sloode Live Social also allows you to simultaneously live broadcast your events on different channels like websites, blogs, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.

Sloode Live Social is the ideal solution to increase your audience using the net






  • Price

  • $99.00 / year

    • Sloode Live Social Desktop
    • 1 License
    • YouTube, Facebook and Twitter video distribution
    • Easy Custom
    • 30 day Trial



Sloode Connector

$ 49.00 / year

Sloode Connector allows you to integrate the Sloode platform with the most diffused CMS: Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal




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Main capabilities



You can record your live events. Our software is compatible with every video recording card. Its native applications allow the event to be simultaneously recorded and broadcast on all social channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogs and websites


You can publish highlights on social networks in real time with just one click


You can cut and edit your content with extreme precision, frame by frame, to publish what is really interesting


You can merge two different recordings, so that different excerpts can be published as one single file

Queue management

You can change the upload order using our drag & drop function

Social accurate

You can choose where to publish any single event, one at a time